25 Aug

12th Man Talking Stubby Holders Fathers Day Gift Ideas

The 12th Man is proving to be very popular as a great option for cool Fathers Day Gift Ideas with the 12th Man Talking Stubby Holders.Billy Birminghams 12th Man Talking Stubby Holders

Billy Birmingham has done it again and the 12th Man Talking Stubby Holders are a must have for all cricket and comedy fans. Any icy cold drink (beer preferred) will go down even better with some hilarious 12th Man comedy genius to keep you company.

Whether you’re at the cricket or watching the game on the telly, now you can have Richie, Bill, Tony and the boys with you all the time!! Classic 12th Man silliness every time you take a swig from The 12th Man Talking Stubby Holders. Howzat??

Fathers Day Gift Ideas don’t get much cooler than this so order yours today.

24 Aug

Cool Fathers Day Gifts The Inflatable Beer Stein

One of the coolest Fathers Day gifts you can get Dad this year is the Inflatable Beer Stein. Inflatable Beer Stein esky

When fully inflated it measures 18″ or 45cm in height which is big enough to hold well over a dozen of his favourite beers and ice to keep them well chilled while he’s watching the cricket.

There’s nothing more Australian than reaching for a cold frothie right out of your inflatable beer bucket when you’re watching sport on TV with a couple of mates.

The solution is to keep your beers and other drinks cool in an ice bucket and this inflatable giant beer tankard drinks cooler is just the thing for filling with beverages at outdoor parties or barbeques.

Blow it up, fill it with ice and bottles of your favourite beer, then chill out and enjoy! Literally a very cool novelty gift idea that’s really useful for summer.

The inflatable beer stein is one of those cool gifts just tailor made for Dad on Fathers Day.

21 Aug

Cold Chisel Gift Pack Gift Ideas For Fathers 2012

Cold Chisel Gift packStill looking for cool ideas for Dad? You can’t go past the Cold Chisel gift pack or other Cold Chisel merchandise that make great Gift Ideas for Fathers Day in 2012.

Cold Chisel for many people were the Aussie rock band of choice and there music has spanned a few decades now. Starting off in the pubs of Adelaide in the mid 70’s and growing with chart success well into the 80’s. They have had numerous come back gigs and have recently released some new music which goes to show how loved and respected they are in the Australian music lovers eyes.

It’s their broad appeal that makes all the Cold Chisel merchandise so popular and if you’re looking for gift ideas for Fathers Day this year you have some cool choices to make from the wonderful Cold Chisel gift pack which includes a branded beer stein and key ring or the cool Cold Chisel stubby holder or now that Dad’s getting on in years you may want to go with the Cold Chisel coffee mug which has been a massive hit.

Get in quick as stock wont last when it’s this popular so come on over to The Gifted Man and check out all our Gift Ideas for Fathers Day.

20 Aug

Novelty Cufflinks Are Cool Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Novelty cufflink designs are all the rage and there has been a resurgance of late which is why they make realy cool Fathers Day gift ideas. Chef Hat Spoon Cufflinks Small

Choose from hundreds of wonderful designs to match with your favourite movie of all time, perhaps it’s Goast Busters with Bill Murray or maybe Superman. You may be able to find some cufflinks that show what you do for a living, there are cool tradie cufflinks that suit plumbers, builders, handymen and there are white collar jobs as well such as sales, law, warehousing etc.

Bottom line is that there are novelty cufflinks to suit everyone.

16 Aug

Smart Charger for iPad Great Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Smart Charger for iPad is another of those Great Fathers Day Gift Ideas – also works on your iPhone and i’s the coolest little gadget that will get you out of trouble time and again. Its rapid charging ability means you can contine your work or phone call even when you run out of battery life. smart charger for ipad great fathers day gift ideas

The iPhone – iPad Smart Charger is one of the world’s smallest 2200 mAh rapid charger, the iPad – iPhone – iPod Portable Battery Pack will extend the usage time of your iPad or iPad 2 by up to 3 hours or your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 by up to 10 hours. Now that’s cool!

The Smart Charger for iPad – iPhone is compact enough to keep it stashed away in your pocket, handbag or glove box in case of emergencies.

Fathers Day isn’t that far away now so get your skates on and get him something cool.

Check out The Gifted Mans massive range of Fathers Day Gift Ideas.

BoomBox V2 Vibration Speaker Cool Mens Gift Idea

BoomBox V2 Vibration Speaker Cool Mens Gift Idea

The BoomBox V2 Vibration Speaker is new to Australia and is an amazingingly cool gadget that can turn virtually anything into a speaker. Makes a brilliant Mens Gift Idea for Fathers Day

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