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31 Aug

Power Mat + Leather Case Holder for iPhone and iPod

Picture this? When you get home after a hard days’ work, just throw your iPhone onto the Power Mat, and let it sit there and re-charge. The charging mate is ergonomically designed to suite any home or office decor. You can place this wireless iPhone charger either on your desk, coffee table, side table, night stand, even on the table by your front door where you normally keep the house keys

23 Aug

Fathers Day Gifts

Fathers Day Gifts can be so hard to choose when you are torn between buying a meaningful Fathers Day Gift or a humerous Fathers Day Present. To help you out a little bit, we believe that most Fathers (remember, I am one) would prefer something funny for Fathers Day over something practical and serious any day of the week.

20 Aug

Only 2 Weeks Left to Get Your Fathers Day Gifts

There is now only two weeks left to get your Fathers Day gifts to show Dad how much you care. Join us as we preview a small sample of some of the best and funniest gift ideas for Fathers Day

16 Aug

SoundRacer V8 is the Smash Hit Fathers Day Gift

Imagine starting up your modern, but boringly silent car and having the interior filled with the thrilling sound of a powerful super car engine. Shift to first gear, hit the gas pedal and let the enhanced driving experience of a SoundRacer V8 exhilarate you!

9 Aug

The Best Father’s Day Gift is the Gift of Forgotten Music

Rediscover your records and cassettes by transfering them onto your computer and saving them to your iPod or CD’s. It’s easy with the USB Record & Cassette Converter!

BoomBox V2 Vibration Speaker Cool Mens Gift Idea

BoomBox V2 Vibration Speaker Cool Mens Gift Idea

The BoomBox V2 Vibration Speaker is new to Australia and is an amazingingly cool gadget that can turn virtually anything into a speaker. Makes a brilliant Mens Gift Idea for Fathers Day

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