Bug Zapper Tennis Rackets A Must For Camping

15 May 2012 by giftedman, Comments Off

The electronic Bug Zapper Tennis Rackets are so compact and effective they should be considered an essential tool for the camping enthusiast. Bug Zapper Tennis Rackets

There is nothing worse than sitting around the campfire and being eaten alive by mosquitoes and being hit by low flying kamikaze bugs the size of tennis balls and there is nothing more enjoyable than inserting a couple of AA batteries into these cool bug zapper tennis rackets and playing a bit of bug tennis.

These work well on all kinds of bugs, flys, mosquitoes, spiders, and other smallish isnsects but the coolest stuff happens at night when the lights go out. No, what happens in the tent, stays in the tent (get your mind out of the gutter) I’m talking about the snap crackle and pop of that irritating bug.

The juicer the bug, the bigger the crackle which also helps with the size of the spark as it fry’s the unsuspecting intruder for it’s entry into your domain.

You may have to keep an eye on the guys after a couple of soothing frothies because we all know that boys will be boys.

Check out youtube for some hilarious videos of boys being boys :( Yes, the frownie face is because we do not approve of or endorse that kind of silly behaviour, now go to your room!

The electronic Bug Zapper Tennis Rackets make a great mens gift idea especially the camping enthusiasts.

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