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Samurai Knife Set is the Most Popular Gift Idea for Men

Posted in  Christmas Gift IdeasFather's Day Gift IdeasHomeware GiftsKitchen & BBQ Gifts and Men's Gifts Articles

Samurai KnivesThe most poulay gift idea for men at The Gifted Man this year is proving to be the stunning Samurai Kitchen Knife Set that comes complete with stand.

A traditional hand-forged katana sword wielded by a feudal Japanese samurai warrior would make slicing, dicing, and chopping tasks in the kitchen way more interesting and lethally efficient, but if that's not an option, this cool Samurai Kitchen Knive Set are the next best thing.

This collection of katana-inspired kitchen knives includes a paring knife, utility knife, bread knife, and a chef's knife, all with sharp blades made from tempered stainless steel that slide into aluminum scabbards.For ease of acess when you are seeking to dismember various innocent meats, fruits, and veggies along your path, this Samurai Knife Set includes a wooden ceremonial sword stand to rest them upon until the next kitchen battle. The perfect knives for any modern kitchen warrior.

Product dimensions when knives are in the stand - 29.5cm(H) x 39cm(W) x 14cm(D)

The symbol on the knives and stand can be translated as the words Life, Fate or Destiny

The Samurai Kitchen Knife Set is a steel at under a hunderd dollars.

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Dr Who Tardis Beach Towel

Posted in  Birthday Gift IdeasFather's Day Gift IdeasLicensed Products and Outdoor & Camping Gifts

Dr Who Tardis Beach TowelDr Who and his Tardis turn up in the strangest of places, none more stange and unfamiliar to the great Dr than the local Australian beach. He's obviously out searching for a pretty new assistant to join him on his time travels and the beach seems to be the obvios place!

The TARDIS' recent travel through the Time Vortex appears to have rendered the police box vessel two-dimensional and made from cloth. The Dr Who TARDIS Beach Towel is great news for pool and beach bums who are in search of this summer's definitive piece of Doctor Who fan gear.

Bad news, though, for the Doctor, who will probably end up sweltering on the sand in his black denim and leather jacket, not to mention a long scarf. The starship's toweled likeness measures 150cm long x 75cm wide, and is an officially licensed, 100% cotton Dr. Who product.

Don't travel to the beach without a Dr Who Tardis Beach Towel.

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Pasta Maker Set

Posted in  Father's Day Gift IdeasHomeware GiftsKitchen & BBQ GiftsMen's Gifts Articles and Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Pasta Maker SetTake advantage of tastier and healthier homemade pasta with the KitchenSmart Gusto Pasta Maker Set. This pasta making set includes a high quality stainless steel pasta machine with ravioli attachment and plastic pasta drying rack that will complement your kitchen and your healthy diet.

This innovative machine allows you to make your own flat pasta sheets like lasagne or ravioli, thin strips for spaghetti or tagliatelle, and wide strips for fettuccini. A thickness control dial means you can experiment with textures and you can even try out different flower such as buckwheat flour or whole wheat flour for healthier alternatives.

Once the pasta has been made, use the convenient drying rack to hold and dry out your creations.

Only $59.95 while stocks last! Buy Now

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Cordless Drill BBQ Lighter

Posted in  Father's Day Gift IdeasGadgetsHomeware GiftsLicensed Products and Outdoor & Camping Gifts

Cordless Drill BBQ LighterLooking for that quirky but unique special gift idea for Dad this Father's Day? Look no further than the Cordless Drill BBQ Lighter that has just arrived into our warehouse.

Dad is going to love showing this off every time he steps up to the BBQ plate to cook the summer feast! Cooking on the BBQ for family and friends is a serious thing and is not a drill but you can wow your guests with the impressive drill BBQ lighter

The Cordless Drill BBQ Lighter has a telescopic tip with an adjustable flame and comes in four different colours and is also refillable with butane gas and is child resistant.

Limited edition lighters by Gibson in incredible detail are individually numbered.

They look fantastic and can be used indoors as well as outdoors and are the perfect mens gift idea.

Length 22cm


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Dual Sim Case iPhone 5

Posted in  Father's Day Gift Ideas and Gadgets

Dual Sim iPhone 5Convenient and reliable and so easy to use with just one click to switch between sim cards! The dual sim cases to suit iPhone 5 is the perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day.

This ingenious sim case allows iPhone 5 users to have 2 SIMs installed at the same time, making it the ideal tool for travelling or business. Swap between your work mobile and your personal phone or use a pre-paid when you travel without having to remove your existing sim card.

The case doesn't require pesky software installation or special tools for switching between your two SIM cards and it accepts both standard SIM and Micro SIM cards. Simply activate the switch on the outer case to change the SIM in use.

Another innovative product from our friends at Thumbs Up UK.

Style number: DSIM001

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