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Top 5 Quirky Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Posted in  Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Top 10 Lists

Wine Bottle GlassMother's Day 2015 is fast aproaching and finding cool Mothers Day Gift Ideas is critical if you you dont't want to get left with giving boring flowers and chocolates again.

Remember that Mum's like to have a bit of a laugh as well which is why you should be looking for fun gifts to make her smile, not chocolates to make her fat or flowers to bring out her alergy's.

To help you on your way to Mother's Day gift redemption we have put together a top 5 list of Mothers Day Gift Ideas we think will make her day.

Mum works pretty hard and every now and again she likes to relax with a glass of wine to ease the tensions of the day. We guarantee that this glass of wine will do more than ease the tensions, it will probable make her forget all of her wories and stresses. For a bit of a giggle grab Mum a Wine Bottle Glass for $21.90.Cursed Cookies

If drinking to excess isn't her bag and she still needs to de-stress then maybe something along the lines of Voodoo magic with the Cursed Cookies so she can make make replica family members and then dismember them when they annoy her. Sounds a bit gruesome but all that rolling and pounding, not to mention tearing it apart limb from delicious limb will do the job nicely.

Onion GlassesHave you ever seen Mum crying in the kitchen for no particular reason? It's probably only cutting up the onions that were making her cry and it most likely had nothing to do with your report card or that heavily tattooed boyfriend you brought home! Just to make sure, you could grab a pair of Dame Edna syle Onion Glasses for under $20.00. If she crys next time she cuts up onions, then it is definately you that has disapointed her once again.

Here is a great one for the anal retentive (is that ok to say?), I mean obsessive compulsive Mum who has to get everything absoloutly perfect, from perfectly pressed pants and shirts to perfectly even vegetables. Carrots juilienned to a tolerance of 0.01mm. Obsessive? Yes, but they are out there and probably should be doing food prep for Heston Blumenthal but having you kids has kept her from her life's ambition. Reward your obsessive compulsive Mum for her sacrifices wih the Obsessive Chef Cutting Board.Obsessive Chef Board

Finally we can end all this with a sensible and practical Mothers Day Gift Idea that has been a best seller for a couple of years now. The fabulous Giant Coffee Mug Mum holds a whoping 900ml of coffee that will sooth the savage beast that takes a little while in the morning to transform into the perfect Mum. If 900ml of coffee doesn't do the trick in the morning, then we may suggest a tranquiliser gun.

Giant Coffee Mug MumWe love our Mum's so reward her with a laugh on Mother's Day and get her something quirky.

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DJ Cat Scratch One For The Homies!

Posted in  Homeware GiftsLicensed Products and Top 10 Lists

DJ Cat ScratchYou spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, Right round round round courtesy of our Dead or Alive friends.

And now Felix da Cat is in the house! Yep, cats (even your lame moggie) can show off some bad ass attitude which is why they would make great DJ's. Give your furry feline friend some practice on the decks by getting them the ultimate DJ Cat Scratch. Uncover their hidden talent and they could easily become the next club sensation and be the next Miss Kittin or Felix da Housecat!

The DJ cat scratch decks comes conveniently flat packed and will very easily fold together (no glue required) into a simple but stunning record player with poseable tone arm and a top that spins as your DJ cat paws at it.

Cat's are great entertainment especially when they are 'DOING HUMAN THINGS' like putting out funky tunes at a rave.

It's way better than watching in horror as they tear your favourite couch apart.

Spin out man! Buy Now

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Meerkat Talking Money Box

Posted in  Birthday Gift IdeasChristmas Gift IdeasGadgets and Kris Kringle Gift Ideas

Meerkat Talking Money BoxDon't be a Mongoose and save your cash the entertaining way with the Meerkat Talking Money Box. Simples!

Everyone loves a talking Meerkat in a red dressing gown thaks to a popular TV ad for a price comparison website and riding on the popularity of Meerkats is the Meerkat talking money box.

Save your spare cash by popping your coins into the Meerkat Talking Money Box and it will speak in a eastern European accent (obviously) whilst safely tucking away your cash for a rainy day.

The Meerkat Money Box has 3 sayings "I'm not mongoose, I'm siberian meerkat!", "The meerkats are the cool kats!" and "Squeeze me babies!" A fun way to encourage children to embrace saving but remember, it's not just for the cool kids it's cool for the older kids as well.

It’s easy enough to withdraw your savings too, with a simple twist off bottom giving you full access without the need to break the defenceless creature open. Wearing a fetching red dressing gown, this meerkat is obviously in touch with his pop culture icons, looking every bit as suave as a meerkat can. Buy Now

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Onion Glasses - Absolutely Fabulous

Posted in  Homeware GiftsKitchen & BBQ GiftsMother's Day Gift Ideas and Top 10 Lists

Onion GlassesHello Possums! My favourite Dame Edna quote is “Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. After all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century.”  

With that in mind we introduce you to the fabulous Onion Glasses available at The Gifted Man Online store.

You will be the only one in the room not crying when you take the knife to those irritating onions but it is guaranteed to leave everyone else in the kitchen crying with laughter.

These Fabulous looking Dame Edna style Onion Glasses with diamontes should be in every kitchen, not just the ones in Moonee Ponds. The Onion Glasses will leave the wearer with perfectly dry eyes as these glasses have foam seals around the edges to prevent onion odours from effecting your eyes. It also features a strap at the back of the glasses to make sure they stay securely on your head. For anyone who can't face cutting onions without welling up these are the perfect gift.

Fabulous looking Dame Edna style Onion Glasses with diamontes to protect you from the ravages of onions. Let's give a giant bunch of Gladdies to the bright spark behind the georgous Onion Glasses.

Buy Now

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It's Selfie Mania With Selfie Sticks

Posted in  Gadgets and Top 10 Lists

Selfie StickIt's not just the Gen Y's who are going crazy over these awesome extendable Selfie Sticks, the oldies dig them as well.

The extendo Selfie Stick is a lot easier and far less awkward than bugging complete stangers to stop and take photos of you all the time and with the help of the Extendo Selfie Stick that extends from 20cm to a length of 97cm you will be able to take the perfect selfie . 

The extendo selfie stick is a Monopod that can attach to a regular SLR as well as your phone when you attach the included phone holder. Bluetooth Selfie Remote Shutter

To take the photo you can download a camera shutter app (free to use) or you can purchase a Bluetooth Selfie Remote Shutter for around $10.00. Then, if you are looking for the latest tech and want to do away with all of that, you can go with a Wired Selfie Stick with the phone camera shutter operated from the handle of the Wired Selfie Stick. These are a steal at around $15.00.

Wired Selfie SticksSo get selfie crazy this Christmas and record all the fun with group shots at Christmas dinner and see who can get the best and most creative shots at the touch of a button with the latest Wired Selfie Sticks.

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