Phone Signal Blocking Bag – Fathers Day Gift Ideas

5 Jul 2012 by giftedman, Comments Off

Dad’s love cool little gadgets and the Mobile Phone Signal Blocking Bag is one of the cheap Fathers Day Gift Ideas and it’s also  something that he’ll use time and time again.

Mobile Phone Signal Blocking Bag

Whenever Dad get’s into a meeting he can simply pop his mobile phone into the magic bag and his phone will instantly loose its signal and to anyone who trys to contact him it will show up as unavailable or network busy. Everyone needs their quiet time as well and it’s difficult to concerntrate properly if text messages and phone calls keep coming through.

Once you pull your phone out of the bag, reception returns and you’ll be back online instantly and there’s no need to power your phone off or on all the time.

The Mobile Phone Signal Blocking bag also includes and extra pocket for money or your favorite phone accessory

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